Games Workshop Previews Rotmire Creed for Warcry

There’s a new Warcry box set coming out soon. In it, they’ve got the Horns of Hashut versus the Rotmire Creed. It’s this second group that we get a preview of here. Get some background info as well as stats for one of their models down below.

From the article:

The new Heart of Ghur boxed set that launches the latest edition of Warcry contains two warbands – the Horns of Hashut and the Rotmire Creed. Today, we’re looking at the lore of the latter and learning why these connoisseurs of disease and putrification are heading to the Gnarlwood.

To the north of the Gnarlwood lie the putrid swamps of the Rotmire, a mosquito-infested expanse of brackish marshland enveloped by reeking smog. Basically, if you’re planning a holiday to Ghur, we recommend giving this one a miss – it’s not a welcoming place. The swamps are fraught with danger and anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon this region is likely to find themselves dragged into the murky depths or attacked by hideous toad-like creatures.

The swampy depths of this inhospitable place are home to the Rotmire Creed, a group of twisted alchemists who worship Lord Leech. Their Plague God rewards them for their adoration by blessing them (and their enemies) with maladies and diseases.* They come to the Gnarlwood seeking the Eye of Chotec so they can poison its geomantic engines and transform the entire forest into a diseased swampland.