Warlord Games Announces New Bolt Action Starter Set

A new 2-player starter set is in the works for Bolt Action. It takes players to the Western Desert theater of the war and, along with the various troops, it’ll come with new, plastic vehicles as well. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

The World War II campaign theatre referred to as the Western Desert encompassed an area of some 1,300 miles across, including some of the most hostile terrain on Earth. Brave troops on both sides would have to contend with the harsh climate and landscape as much as they would each other. Perhaps it was because of this common greater enemy that the region saw far fewer examples of the fanaticism and atrocities seen in other theatres of the war. It thus became known as A Gentleman’s War.

A Gentleman’s War is a brand-new Bolt Action starter set that focuses on the action fought across the parched, dusty campaign in the Western Desert during World War II. The box pits the forces of the British 8th Army (more commonly known as The Desert Rats) against their Axis foes, the German Deutsches Afrika Korps.

Be amongst the first to get your hands on two brand new plastic vehicles. The Sd.Kfz 222/223 and Humber Mk II/IV armoured cars will initially only be available within A Gentleman’s War.