Games Workshop Previews Gorvos Crime Family Leadership in Necromunda

You know the gang war is getting intense when the leaders of the clans are headed into battle. And that’s what we have here with a look at Vunder and Gaen Corvos, heads of the Gorvos Crime Family, coming soon to Necromunda.

From the article:

The bar door swings open. The music stops. Every patron falls silent. With a flash of his winning smile and a flourish of his two master-crafted stub guns, Vunder Gorvos strolls in – swiftly followed by Gaen, his furious (and far more capable) sister.

This troublesome twosome are the self-styled nobility of the underhive. The Gorvos crime family controls Two Tunnels, Draek’s Gantry, and the Grey Wastes Trading Post, and the dozen or so surrounding domes in a surprisingly solid alliance with the Faebrun and Kaorka clans. 

Vunder Gorvos fully believes he is a hive noble – festooned in fine fashion and aping any uphive affectations such as the exotic pet that perches on his shoulder. Of course, he’s a complete buffoon, despised by everyone he meets, and a total liability for his family. Still, he’s sort of handy with a sword.

Gaen Gorvos, on the other hand, a.k.a. the Gunk Queen, is a pauper princess who has used her skills to claim leadership of the Gorvos clan. Unlike Vunder, she remains focused on the business of earning cold-hard credits for the family rather than hob-nobbing with faux-nobility.

She oversees the manufacture of gunk directly, outfitting her gangers with gunk rounds and gunk bombs, and even lacing her throwing knives with the lethal stuff.