Mantic and Warhall Partner Up to Bring Armada to the Virtual Tabletop

Mantic has announced their partnership with Warhall, an online wargaming simulator. The two companies have joined forces to bring Armada to the virtual tabletop, allowing players to test their skills against the global community online.

Armada, which features Orc and Basilean fleets, will be available on Warhall starting April 26th, with Dwarfs and the Empire of Dust fleets to follow soon after. Players can also import their fleets directly from the Mantic Companion’s fleet builder, allowing for seamless gameplay on the virtual tabletop.

To celebrate the launch, premium features on Warhall will be free for Armada players until June, providing ample opportunity to try out all the simulator has to offer. This partnership marks a major milestone for Mantic, as it expands the reach of their wargaming franchise and provides a new avenue for players to enjoy the game.

In addition to the launch, a livestream event featuring the creators at Warhall will take place on May 10th at 7:00 PM BST. Fans can tune in to learn more about the partnership and what’s next for Armada on the virtual tabletop.