"dice with death"

Hi! Thank you for having me! John’s the name and Dungeon Mastery is my game.

I would like to use this wonderful soapbox to share a some of the roleplaying experiences of a work-a-day DM and sometime role player with you which will hopefully amuse and entertain but also, if you are sitting on the fence when it comes to roleplaying, give you a nudge to finally get involved in this incredibly rewarding hobby.

Firstly, I plan to blog my creatively elaborated “quest log” of an ongoing Pathfinder campaign I have recently started playing in. The campaign is called Beyond the Vale and is being GM’d by a friend of mine on Foundry VTT. This campaign is the third in a set of campaigns, set in the shared world of Golarion but only very loosely following its published history or cannon, which each of three GMs (including me) have run for each other.

Secondly, I would also like to bring you campaign logs for a Curse of Strahd campaign I will start running within the next few weeks. (I will start with some character bios.)

Finally, I might also chuck in the odd “essay” around the subject of TTRPGs in which I expect to become (hopefully) entertainingly vitriolic about my many RP bugbears (and some goblins too, quite likely).