Steamforged Games Announces Dark Souls Board Game Expansions

Steamforged Games have announced new Dark Souls board game expansions. The tabletop developer rose in popularity thanks to a successful Kickstart campaign for an officially licensed Dark Souls board game, raising over $200,000 dollars for the project, and has gone on to work on adapting other beloved properties to the gaming table. These have included Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil. But while there have been expansions to this board game in the past, the new ones announced include a few key changes?

According to an official press release, Steamforged Games are developer two new Dark Souls board game expansions. First is the Tomb of Giants expansion, which will allow players to go deep into the catacombs of Lordran to fight horrific skeletal monsters, get tricked by a certain jerk named Patches, and finally battle the deadly Gravelord Nito. Second is the Painted World of Ariamis, a fan-favorite location from the dark fantasy RPG where you explore a world sealed away in a painting It is a location known for undead dragons, crow people, and its optional boss battle near the end: Crossbreed Priscilla.

But what makes both of these Dark Souls board game expansions distinct from the others is that both of them are standalone experiences. You can purchase either of these boxes and play a full version of the Dark Souls board game with nothing else required. To this end, both expansions will feature streamlined rules for running a campaign as well as a new event system and an objective card deck. Alternatively, both Tomb of Giants and Painted World of Ariamis are backwards compatible with all prior expansions of the game. If you want, you could easily bring characters from the base version of the game into these new expansions seamlessly.