New Forest Dragon preview

Forest Dragon have released a preview of their March 2021 release.

From their patreon page:

February is a short month, so it’s already time to show what’s coming for the chivalric knights in March!

This month we have another pair of characters: an inspirational warrior on armoured steed and an enchantress riding a unicorn.

Speaking of inspiration, this month the army is joined by representatives of a holy order, bearing the remains of an honoured martyr. Surely such noble sacrifice will act as example for even the lowliest peasant!

The army is also getting reinforcements in the form of the household guard and mounted squires.

The guard regiment has a choice of 2 command stands and a choice of 2 banners with sculpted heraldry or a blank banner. We will be providing this unit with the option of blank shields or sculpted heraldry. 

Although lightly armoured, the mounted squires can harry the enemy from afar with their deadly bows. This unit also feature a choice of command stands.

As usual we will be providing the individual miniatures based and supported in addition to the strips for both units.

These miniatures will be available from March 1st