Flames of War: Bagration: Axis-Allies up for pre order

Flames of War has a new book up for pre order, Bagration Axis-Allies.

The book contains:-

Background on the Finnish, Hungarian, and Romanian Armies during the epic battles for the Eatern Front in 1944 and 1945.

 Instructions on how to build a Finnish T-26 Armoured Company, Sturmi Assault Gun Company and Infantry Company, or a Hungarian Panther Tank Company, Tiger Tank Company, Turán Tank Company, Panzer IV Tank Company, Zrinyi Assault Gun Company, StuG Assault Gun Company, Hetzer Assault Gun Company and Rifle Company, or a Romanian R-2 Light Tank Company, T-4 Medium Tank Company, TA Assault Gun Company, and Motorised Rifle Company.

 Painting and Basing guides.

 Three new Bagration themed Missions.