CMON Announces Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game

Zack Snyder’s explosive, action-packed Army of the Dead drops on Netflix TODAY, and CMON is so excited to team up with our favourite streamer for the official board game adaptation that will take the pulse-pounding action to table tops worldwide! Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game will feature the stream-lined, Zombie-fighting, co-operative experience players have come to expect from the long-running game franchise, while adding surprising new twists to its successful formula.

It’s been six years since the zombie outbreak. While certain areas are no-go zones for anyone with a pulse, much of the world still turns as it did before. Las Vegas is one such no-go zone: chock-full of the undead and surrounded by shipping containers to keep everyone else out… and the dead in. However, a group of mercenaries is headed there for one thing that the damned don’t give a damn about, but the living sure do: a boat-load of money. A casino vault full of cold, hard cash is ripe for the picking if this group of badasses can work together long enough to get it. Go watch the film now!

In the tabletop adaptation, players take on the role of the well-equipped and well-trained mercenary company as they infiltrate into zombified Las Vegas and search out the bank vault. Each of these mercs has their own, unique skill set based on characters from the movie. As players make their way through the game’s many scenarios, they’ll be recreating scenes from the film, as well as venturing into many “off-screen” situations designed specifically for the game. But be careful, the zombies of Las Vegas aren’t going to just shamble slowly towards them. This will be a non-stop fight if the players expect to get away with the money… and their lives.

The standalone game will be perfect jumping on point for people new to Zombicide, and present an exciting take on the system for gamers familiar with the game. Stay tuned for more previews and information about Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game! IT’S COMING!!!!