Warhammer Community page previews the Warmaster Titan

Just imagine how cool the Warmaster will look painted as Legio Astorum.

More Weapons

Shocking, isn’t it, that something called the ‘Warmaster’ would have more than just a few weapons stashed away on its monolithic carapace? The mantle of Ardex-Defensor cannons atop its body is fairly hard to miss, but did you notice the Revelator missile launcher packed in above its head?

Multiple Face Options

If you’re going to be looming down at all the other war machines on the battlefield, you don’t want them all looking up at the same face, do you? Perhaps you want to embody the chivalric virtues of a noble Knight House, or maybe you’d rather put the fear of the Emperor into your opponents with a giant skull-inspired grimace.

Even More Weapons

You didn’t think we were done, did you? You may remember from our previous look at the Warmaster’s rules for Adeptus Titanicus that it also has two shoulder weapons, which you can choose from six possible options. As if you needed any more clues as to how big these enormous machines are, many of the auxiliary shoulder weapons are the full-size arm cannons from Warhound Scout Titans.

The Void Shield Array

An iconic feature of Imperial Titans is their crackling void shields, esoteric fields of energy that absorb and divert enemy attacks. While most Titans are able to keep their shield generators inside their carapace, the sheer size of the Warmaster requires rows of emitters all along the top of its torso. 

 The Sheer Size of the Thing

Yes, it’s not so much a detail as the entire model, but the epic size of the Warmaster Titan cannot be understated. A few pictures hardly do it justice, although the cover art for Loyalist Legios (which you may have seen a few Sunday previews ago) makes a good effort, so here’s a handy size comparison chart to give you an idea of what your enemies will be dealing with across the table.