Seb Games Previews Battle Havoc Battle Box

Get your old hammer fix with Seb Games.

Battle Havoc! is easy to learn and play fantasy wargame where each player commands an army and lead it to victory on the battlefields. Thanks to alternative activation, all players are involved continuously in action.

Each unit represents a body of troops up to a few hundred men. Thanks to flexible basing system players can easily use their exiting collection of miniatures or following our basing convention.

The Battle Havoc! – BattleBox content:

  • 12x Dwarf Warriors
  • 3x Dwarfs crossbows
  • 1x Dwarf Champion
  • 12x Barbaric Orc Warriors
  • 3x Barbaric Orc Archers
  • 1x Barbaric Orc Shaman
  • 1x Battle Havoc! rulebook (new updated edition)
  • 1x Counters sheet
  • 12x d6 dice
  • 6x MDF 75×50 bases*

For those who will take part in the pre-order, there will also be a free extra miniature. The RRP will be £65.
The box will be available to pre-order at the end of next week if everything will go according to the plan.