Kritza, the Rat Prince.

Today was Games Workshops first ever New Model Monday and they preview another amazing vampire.

From the Community site

Say “hello” to Kritza, the Rat Prince.

This well-dressed fellow hails from the Vyrgos Dynasty of Soulblight Vampires. As you can probably tell from his fancy attire, Kritza was once counted among the nobility of Ulfenkarn (which you can read about in our first Cursed City crier). Unfortunately, his attempts to secretly undermine the lord of the land led him to an ill fate, and he was horribly mauled by Radukar the Wolf.

Against all odds, Kritza escaped by heaving himself into a Corpse Cart and playing dead among the lifeless bodies it carried. He sustained his ravaged body by feasting upon the blood of the rats he found gnawing on the corpses stowed alongside him. Kritza soon discovered he’d unwittingly been granted the Blood Kiss by his ferocious assailant and was slowly evolving into one of the Soulblight.

You may have noticed the Rat Prince’s fabulous (or should that be verminous?) cloak and somewhat murine appearance. Well, it appears that his unorthodox transformation into a vampire had some unusual side-effects. In addition to being accompanied by his ‘vermintide’ of rats – both living and undead – Kritza can transform into a swarm of rodents to evade his foes.