Games Workshop Previews Typhon Heavy Siege Tank for The Horus Heresy

Looking to make an impact on the battlefield? The Typhon can help with that. Based on the Spartan chassis, it takes all that cargo room and turns it into big boom with a massive cannon. You can check out this tank in this preview for The Horus Heresy.

From the article:

There’s no shortage of things that need blowing up in the Age of Darkness. Dreadnoughts, Cataphractii, Kratos Heavy Battle Tanks, all of these and more can be torn asunder with the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank.

The Typhon Heavy Siege Tank shares a chassis with the Spartan, but instead of carrying squads of Tactical Marines and Terminators across the battlefield, it mounts a centerline dreadhammer siege cannon.

It was created by the Mechanicum after a direct request from Perturabo himself.* No stranger to prolonged and brutal sieges, the Hammer of Olympia wanted to get big guns to the front line as fast as possible and thus the Typhon was born. 

As with many Spartan variants, the Typhon can expand its specific blast-tastic loadout with a choice of sponson weapons such as heavy bolters, volkite culverins, heavy flamers, or lovely lascannons.