Games Workshop preview the Water Guild for Necromunda


When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.

 Water is scarce in Necromunda and the Mercator Nautica is in control of it. The Water Guild will be making their presence felt more directly in Necromunda. 

From the warhammer community page:


Grab your seat, get a drink, and shut up – it’s time for your monthly briefing. As if we don’t already have enough problems with Rogue Docs or Bomb Delivery Rats, we’re hearing reports of more trouble coming our way.

Now, you’re all smart Enforcers. I can tell that from the way that you’re sat here rather than being laid up in sickbay, or worse. You’ve worked out that the key to being a good Enforcer is observation, and you’re all smart enough to observe just how undrinkable the liquids are that drip off the roofs when it “rains’” down here. The water we get in the precinct house might not be the quantum-spun ice water that the nobles get, but at least it’s about 20% less brackish than it was when I was a rookie.

In case you’re wondering why I’m fixating on water today, it’s nothing to do with the fact that last month we were talking about arson. No, it’s because we’re seeing more gangs throwing in their lot with Mercator Nautica – the Water Guild. Yeah, don’t groan, we all know what that means – more Nautican Syphoning Delegations on our turf. As if the Slaver Entourages weren’t bad enough.

For any rookies in the room, the Mercator Nautica controls ALL of the water on Necromunda, from the sluice run-off that’s essential to the bulk industrial process to the recycled stuff we use in the patrol house to make recaff. Since it’s such a big business, they’re more than happy to grab some ganger to help out while taking those sloshing tanks out to places like the badzones. Having said that, they do have a strong alliance with Escher gangs, so make sure that you read up on our collated case files on the House of Blades.

n return, they’re quite happy to help out the house gangs when the need arises by sending in a Nautican Syphoning Delegation. Typically, these are made up of a Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican. The Master Nautican is usually pretty well equipped, but they prefer to leave the fighting to their underlings. Subnauticans are the divers that keep the cisterns and reservoirs of Hive Primus functioning, and they wear their armoured diving suits even out of the water. Strangest of all are the Syphonites – they spread rumours that those staffs they carry can bleed water from their victims. I don’t believe them, but don’t get too close, just in case – I don’t want any desiccated Enforcers around.