Encyclopaedia Lore Book For RPGs Up On Kickstarter

When you’re the Dungeon Master of a campaign, you are in control of  everything but the Playable Characters. It can be a daunting task to come up with entire worlds, monsters and encounters. Thankfully, there’s resources for Dungeon Masters with ready-to-use content. One such is the Encyclopaedia, a complete lore book of cities, NPCs, plot hooks, magic items, and more that you can drop right into your D&D games. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:


If you back this project before Wednesday, March 10th at 11 PM CET, you will get a cute 1.2-inch (30mm) plastic mini of the Pickpocat, along with anSTL file of the miniature (digital backers will only get the STL file). You will also receive a 2-page PDF with thePickpocat’s complete stat block for in-game use ^^ Enjoy!

Encyclopedia is a 360-page lore book for your 5th Edition campaign, including dozens of ready-to-use cities, locations, NPCs, plot hooks, and magic items for your next game session.

The campaign’s more than 8x funded with 24 days to go.