what's on the workbench: may 16th 2021

Hello all.

This week I’ve been wet blending the skin tone on a Mega Gargant commission. 

Building some Forge world jet bikes for my Ultramarines. 

I also built some amazing Saturnine Terminators from Heresy Labs. Yes that is a 40mm base, they are huge!

I also finished Obi Wan Kenobi this week. If your interested in how i painted the miniature you can find a guide over  in the tutorials section.

I’ve also made a start on a new Warhammer 40’000 Space Wolves commission. I’ve been 3d printing weapons and chapter symbols as well as green stuffing beards, hair and fur, lots of fur, soooo much fur!

Hi all.

I’m just about to launch a 5e homebrew campaign for a group that just completed Lost Mine of Phandelver. A graphic designer pal made this banner for me.

Me and Frank finished off the urban city terrain. We wanted to keep this as generic as possible so it could be used for multiple gaming systems.

The next terrain project will be some Mars style scenery.

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