When will Games workshop get the message that their limited release system doesn’t work?

Let’s look at Adeptus Titanicus as an example.

If you are just discovering the game you will have that new army buzz, you’re looking at the different titans on offer and looking at different Legio paint schemes. You’re getting excited and you’ve now decided on your titan Legio. You buy your titans, head over to the web store to order some decals. Oh look, they are unavailable. You find that they were a limited release. So, you head over to eBay and find some for over 5x the RRP.

You feel a little deflated, but you don’t give up.

You go back to the website to order some stratagem cards, since you need them to play the game. Again, they are out of stock.

Your heart sinks that little bit more. You return to eBay to see those very cards you need at 10x the RRP.

Now you’re at that crossroads that many other players reach. Do you struggle on and try to get the cards you need, or do you just move on to another game?

This is what Games Workshop need to look at with their policies and releases. Games like Adeptus Titanicus will never have the player base that we all wish it would have, or deserves, when players are being pushed away because they can’t get the things they need.

Its practices like these that kill games.

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