branded hobby tools and cheaper alternatives

This hobby isn’t the cheapest at the best of times, let alone during times of hardship such as during the pandemic but fear not! There are some cheaper alternatives available in budget stores to help out your bank balance.

All those expensive, shiny branded hobby tools have cheaper alternatives that can be found in DIY stores and budget stores.

The easiest tools to find cheaper replacements for are hobby knives, files, basing materials and glue.

Branded hobby knives from some well known companies can cost upwards of £20 but you can find sets of hobby knives in £ or $ stores. I recently saw a pack of 3 hobby knives with 13 extra blades in Pound Land! Poundland is a treasure trove for anyone looking for hobby supplies. You can find super glue, pva glue, wooden lolly sticks, plastic cups, cotton buds, cheap brushes and craft paints all for £1.


There’s no need to buy those expensive hobby files when you can use nails files or emery boards, which can be found in any super market or discount store, usually in packs of 5-10.

Spray primers are expensive but if you look around you can find black, grey and white sprays in Pound land. You can also find coloured primers in places like Wilko and Halfords from £5 for a 400ml can.

Basing materials can be purchased in shops like Wilko, fine bird sand can be found in the pet section for £1 for a 1kg bag. Try to think out the box for basing materials, look around your garden, the parks and woods for free materials like small stones, soil and sticks. 

Always check stores like Wilko, Pound land, B&M, Family bargains, The Range B&Q and Wickes.

If you look around you can find some amazing deals on hobby supplies. You don’t have to buy the expansive branded items. So keep your eyes peeled.

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