Franchises and table top wargames

Through the years there have been some amazing TV, film, book and computer game franchises. All with rich fantasy elements, dark post-apocalyptic worlds or cold space adventures.

Some franchises are picked up by companies and run successfully, Lord of The Rings by Games Workshop, Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games and Marvel Crisis Protocol By Critical Mass Games.

There are also those franchises that have been picked up by companies and not treated so well. Some of These franchises were given bad games, poor model quality or were affected by bad company decisions.

Harry Potter The Miniatures Game has amazing miniatures and a great game, but suffers from a very poor customer experience from the company that holds the licence, Knight Models. Fans of the Harry potter The Miniatures Game have reported numerous issues from Knight Models, such as being reluctant to replace damaged or missing pieces, refusing to publish rules that were missing from character and equipment cards and a lack of game support, which the fan base have had to step in “and done an amazing job” of compiling campaign, character and rules booklets.

Halo Ground Battles and Halo Fleet Command were picked up by a company called Spartan Games. Spartan Games did an amazing job with the miniatures for both systems, as well as creating a truly great game but they just couldn’t keep up. I never understood why such a large IP was given to such a small company.

Alien Vs Predator by Prodos Games is a completely different kettle of fish. The miniatures looked good, the game sounded ok but most people that purchased the game never actually got to play it, as Prodos didn’t deliver the game to its backers. The game was released to retail shops but with such a huge backlash from the fans, the game was dead in the water and Fox removed the licence from Prodos Games.

Now with some of the good and the bad out of the way, let’s list some franchises that deserve table top wargames.

  1. Gears of War.
  2. Mass Effect.
  3. Transformers
  4. Godzilla and the Monsterverese.
  5. The Hunger Games.
  6. The Witcher.
  7. Star Trek.

These are just a few off the top of my head.

We will revisit this subject very soon to talk about why some of these Franchises deserve table top wargames.

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