Part 11: Knights of Casterly Rock

The Lannisters spare no expense when it comes to outfitting their troops. Even the regular line soldier has the finest in arms and armor. So, when it comes to a unit as special as their mounted knights, cost is never an issue. The Knights of Casterly Rock have literally the best equipment and training that money can buy. And they are worth every penny on the battlefield as they cut their way through enemy ranks.

Expensively armed, expensively armoured and trained to perfection, the Knights of Casterly Rock bring unparalleled speed and lethality to the Lion banner. Few enemies are equipped to withstand a charge from this heavily armoured juggernaut’s and fewer still match their speed. While they can be bogged down in melee against determined infantry, few commanders let them remain so encumbered for long.

On the table top The Knights of Casterly Rock can be devastating. At 8 points they arnt a cheap unit but they do pack a punch.

In combat they hit on a 3+ with 6 attacks and 4 if down to one rank, with a 3+ armour save and 6+ morale they are a unit that is hard to shift.

Having a lance with sundering is amazing, giving the Knights +1 hit for each remaining rank. So from the start the Knights will actually have 8 attacks, 2 that auto hit.

The knights of Casterly Rock were painted in the same colour scheme as the Lannister Guardsman.

Coming soon……….Part 12: Lannister Halberdiers