what's on the workbench: January 1st 2023

Last year was nothing if not eventful, with many ups and downs. The world is still adapting to the events of the previous year as well as new complications such as the cost of living increasing on a weekly basis and the looming possibility of another recession. We also have the shadow of covid hovering over the world with cases increasing in china at a rapid rate.

All of this effects the hobbies we love and need within our lives. Hobby supplies will be getting more and more expensive and there could be very long delays on online orders due to world closures and postal strikes.

This year may be another tough one but trying to stay positive will help.

This year we will be finishing off some projects from last year as well as starting some new ones.

First up will be a new Blood Bowl project, starting the year off with a nice easy project.

This year we will be taking a look at a wider range of games from other companies such as Kings of war, Conquest last argument of kings, Turnip28 and One page rules.me to 2023 and we hope you all have a great and very productive hobby year.