what's on the workbench: december 25th 2022

Happy Christmas! 

Hello and welcome to part 86 of what’s on the workbench, which falls on Christmas day this year and will also be the last update of 2022.

I hope everyone gets all the hobby gifts they wished for. 


Well that was another eventful year, with the world still adapting to the after effects of covid and another financial world crash. Things just don’t seem to be back to normal yet, or will this be the new norm?

This has been another eventful year with plenty of projects under way and tones of commissions have been sent out from the studio. Annoyingly things have had to slow down the last few months while I recovered from covid but am still dealing with the effects of long covid. The bug worked its way into my lungs effecting my breathing and has caused me to feel fatigued constantly.

But this wont stop me from continuing my love for this hobby, I just have to slow down a little.

I look forward to the new year and all the future projects it brings.

From everyone here, we hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

See you all in the new year.