what's on the workbench: june 13th 2021

Hello all ….and welcome to part 7 of what’s on the workbench.

This week i finished another Necron commission, which included some miniatures I had never built or painted before such as the Canoptek Spyders and Canoptek Wraiths. 

The 3d printers have been working on overtime, magically creating this Warmaster 10mm Chaos Dwarf army from Onmioji Miniatures. Keep your eyes peeled for a future project using these amazing miniatures.

I’ve also been working on some more Horus Heresy Death Guard, including this massive Fellblade!

Hi all John here, this week I’ve been learning how to use OBS so that I can hopefully stream some live play on twitch in the near future! 

This is actually easier than I expected…

This week I’ve been putting some paint on some Mechanicum characters.