what's on the workbench: august 22nd 2021

Hello and welcome to part 17 of what’s on the workbench. 

This week has been a little slow and all I’ve worked on is the Kill Team box set, 

I’ve spent more time reading through the rule book and I’m finding it harder to justify having to learn yet another GW ruleset. 

At least the miniatures are nice.

The Ork kill team was a pleasure to paint. The new sculpts are detailed and chunky, at the same time as being a smaller scale than the old 40k Orks.

The veteran guard “Krieg” are the same scale as the forge world ones, which if I hadn’t already painted over 100 of them I might have added more of the plastic ones to my existing army.

Its also nice to see some terrain that isn’t imperial. 

now we just need to see some terrain kits for the other races in the 40k universe.