Part 4: The Deaths Heads

The Deaths Heads of Ostermark formed during the reign of Vlad von Carstein. Subjugating Sylvania was not enough for the vampire count as he spread his realm. Preparing to launch what history calls the Vampire Wars. Those who dared to defy  this draconian rule disappeared. Informers were everywhere. In the town of Essen those willing to fight left behind the purple and yellow of the old regiments and formed a new unit garbed in sombre black and red. Masks were worn to keep their identities secret. After freeing Essen the Deaths Heads gained notoriety on many battlefields, taking the fight into Sylvania after the great victory of Hel Fenn.

Today the Death’s Heads recruit not only from Essen, but all over Ostermark.

I decided to paint the Deaths heads as the first regiment of my grand army, with the idea that the simple colour pallet being a nice way to dip my toes back into 10mm painting before moving on to some of the more complicated colour schemes.

The miniatures were based black, then red was painted over most of the miniature. the belts and weapon shafts were painted brown. Weapon heads painted silver and finally the skin was painted with a warm flesh tone. once this was all dry the miniatures were given an all over brown wash. Once the wash was dry all the colours were highlighted with the origianl colours. to finish off white paint was painted over the faces representing the skull masks.

The bases were covered in an earth paste then flocked with multiple green fine flocks. some clump foliage was added to represent small bushes.

The Deaths Heads march towards Bogenhafen.

Coming soon………….Part 5: We venture into Ostland.