Part 1: Intro

Hello and welcome to part 1 of this Warmaster Empire hobby blog. In this episode we will have a little chat about the ideas for this project as well as what I plan to do throughout this project.


Why start a Warmaster Empire army.

First of all, I love Warmaster. Looking over the battlefield at ranks of thousands of troops ready to meet their enemies face to face is an amazing sight. Warmaster is what is known as a dead game but some of the original writers of the game as well as die hard fans have kept this game alive in the form of Warmaster Revolution. Warmaster has also seen a little resurgence in popularity thanks to the Total War Warhammer computer games.

The aim of this project.

During this project I will build, paint and explore the history of the Empire in the old world of Warhammer. I will be delving into classic Warhammer publications to learn the history of some of the most famous regiments of renown, then create these units on the battlefield, as well as looking at some of the Empire provinces and city states.

So if 10mm gaming or the Old World interests you, or you just enjoy hobby blogs, then follow me on this journey ……to build an army Karl Franz would be proud of..

Coming soon……..Part 2: The history of Warmaster.