tales of conquest

Part 8: Month 2 Painting Updates

This month I’ve been working on some Legionnaires and some Kheres for my old Dominion. 

The shields and banners n the Legionnaires were 3d printed to match my theme.

I want the army to have a dull dirty look with a splash of color here and there. All of the armour will be old brass. The cloth will be various shades of brown and the the colour tying all of the miniatures together will be a dark red. 

next i plan to work on some of the larger miniatures.


This month I h started building the 1 player box set for the w’adrhun.

I’ve also painted the apex predator, Ive made it colourful as the infantry of my force will be very dull in colour. I’ve learnt that I’m out of practice painting, but when I can get round to it I enjoy it.
I’ve not fully finished as I need to get a better base colour for the bone/claw&teeth, and then need to touch it up. But I’m happy to leave it as is until I can afford to order paints i need.
The head/neck skin is painted thousand sons and the rest of the skin is temple guard blue. Both over a wraithbone base. When I do this on the raptor riders I’m going to see what temple guard blue is like over thousand son blue.
The feathers at the front are yellow over wraithbone and the back is yellow over pink, which was suggested to me and works better.
I’m going to base it with sand once I’ve full finished it.
Next on the block for painting is my unit of hunters and the matriarch who will be riding this beast

thi month Ive have painted a Dweghom Dragonslayer. This is a test of my paint scheme for them. I sprayed him Metallic then put sand on the base with superglue. I applied a light brown to the base. I then painted the red and green on the mini. Then I used a green ink on the green parts and on the blade to make it look like its imbued with magic.

Finally I coated the whole mini including the base with strong tone from the army painter range. It doesn’t look amazing but I’m not the world’s greatest painter, not by a long shot. But he’s fit for the table once I get his buddies to the same level.




Due to uni, i havent been able to do much painting But im working on and should finish the last of the giants.