tales of conquest

Part 7: Alex's City States.

Why did I pick the City States for the Tales of Conquest? The honest answer is the miniatures both released an those with stats available. As soon as I saw the Idea of Clockwork Hoplite and the Designs on the Army i Fell in love. I had no idea of the lore of the army or how it played and to be honest, i still dont. Still my choice was purely down to the miniatures shown and the concepts yet to be added.

The City states are an army built of combined arms, well trained troops and the balance between the Scholae (the thinkers), the Populist States (the politians), and the Religious States (the church).

This month I picked up a Doralatis, a Lochagos, a unit of Agema and the 1 player starter set for City States.

I also want to theme my force around the mechanical hoplites and the fact that the city states use discovered technology from the past.

Ive made a start on some Minotaur’s from the starter set.

Coming soon………Part 8: Month 2 progress.