tales of conquest

Part 5: Matthew's W’adrhŭn.


Why did I pick The W’adrhŭn for tales of conquest, well there are 2 reasons. The first and most important is a have a love of the barbarian/primative tribes force in most games. As an example I was a Lizardman and ork player for WFB and 40k. The W’adrhŭn are classed as orc riding dinosaurs but I see them more as Aztecs with dinosaurs, I have a interest in the cultures of central and South America from before the Spanish. They are also an elite army which will be an change of pace for me, as I’m normally drawn to horde or glass cannon armies. The second and less important reason is that none of the other forces grabbed me with their whole line.

Now this month I’ve brought a unit of blooded, an aberration unit champion, a unit of slingers, the apex predator and the apex queen. I’ve got to magnetise the queen and predator so I can change who can ride the T-Rex.

My theme for the force is a small dinosaur force backed up by a mix of elite shooting and combat infantry(trying to keep as much metal out of the army as possible)

Coming soon………Part 5: The Dwargen