tales of conquest

Part 4: Darren's Old Domnion.


Why did I pick the Old Dominion for the Tales of Conquest? The honest answer is the miniatures. As soon as I saw the Strategos on foot and mounted I wanted to paint them. I had no idea of the lore of the army or how it played; my choice was purely down to a couple of character miniatures.

Who are the Old Dominion? 

“A common misconception amongst modern historians and their students is that the title of Dominion refers to the Dominion of Man. It most certainly does not. The original inhabitants referred instead to the Dominion of Hazlia, the Pantokrator, God of Mankind. And with his fall the Dominion ended – but did not die…”

The Old Dominion is Conquest’s Undead faction, modelled aesthetically on the Eastern Roman and Byzantine empires. The animate vessels of the Old Dominion are an elite, durable force with an emphasis on resilient infantry supported by strange and macabre constructs.

This month i picked up some Legionnaires, Kheres and a Mounted Strategos to start my army.

I also want to theme my force around the historical mystery of the Roman legion that disappeared without a trace, Legio Hispana the 9th legion.

To theme the force I printed some historical roman shields to add to the plastic legionnaire miniatures replacing the shields provided. I also printed some vexillum and signum.

Coming soon………Part 5: The W’adrhŭn