space ork raiders

“Whet yer guns and grease yer knives! We’ll be feasting on man flesh before sundown.”

Space Ork Raiders or RTB02 was the second box set of miniatures released for Rogue Trader and was sculpted by Kevin Adams.

The front of the box has a lovely old school coloured illustration of the Ork Raiders firing off their bolt guns. The box also has a green strip with black dots, which gives a very punky vibe, running along all sides of the box.

On the back of the box is a fully painted example of the Space Ork Raiders and a blurb describing the contents.

(This box also got figure of Hhruk, lieutenant of Thrugg who he half-trust. Hhruk pretty sneaky mean Ork. Also figures of Ork squad leader and Ork with heavy bolter – lotsa noise, lotsa big holes, lotsa fun. Also got 13 Ork warriors what do as Thrugg tells e’m.)

Its these little fun blurbs that i miss in 40k. Games Workshop have stripped out all the humour and replaced it with the grimmest of the grim, grim , grimity, grim skulls, grim, dark 40k universe.

Once you open the box you find the best design GW ever put into production, the polystyrene insert! Oh I miss these, I built my first city fight board using these busted up polystyrene trays.

The miniatures have plenty of character, some unusual hunched poses and some funny choices of hats.

The set contains 16 miniatures in total, 3 characters, 1 heavy bolter and 12 Orks with bolters. Yes that is correct, back in the days of Rogue Trader Orks also had bolt guns.

These are some amazing old school sculpts and I will find the time to paint them at some point.

Warning! this product contains lead which may be harmful if chewed or swallowed.

So take them out of your mouth!

If you cant tell, I love these old kits and I wish GW would do some short print runs of these old classic miniatures.