Part 1: Intro

Slaves to Excess 

So with any Legion, there comes a time to pick when entering into the Horus Heresy Miniature’s game, Fortunately there are 18 legions to choose from, to start your path of being loyalist or traitor but for me one Legion stands out from the others and that is the Emperors children. Originating from chemo‘s, Their Primarch Crash landed on the planet that could only hold itself above the bare minimum due to all of its resources and being sent off world, chemos was a dying planet, clinging on for  a slow death. When Fulgrim arrived the art and culture that was sacrificed to make end’s meat was reinstated and chemos flourished. But the dark path takes much smaller steps and the legions downfall came in the battle against the Laer.

Why obtain perfection ?

So the question is why am i doing the Emperors Children? Well to answer that question I have think what is my favourite colour? and the answer would be purple, such a rich nice looking colour that is to me a nice balance between a dark reddish blue hue to the highest recesses of pink that can be Seen. Historically Purple was only to be worn by Roman emperors, anyone else wearing purple was severely punished. Purple is signified in some historical context to be seen as royalty, it was also a notorious colour for being expensive to obtain. The Emperors children just by the colour scheme gives off an aura of superiority on being borderline Arrogant, I like Arrogant over the top caricatures because it’s a different take from your serious no nonsense characters in media which I think is why I gravitate towards the Third Legion. Having listened to the audiobook of Fulgrim, I’ve got a sense of how pompous they are. Their as Silly as Orks without shouting Dakka every second. With their approach to how they go about their day-to-day business, preferring perfume to blood and gore on their armour and showing dirt which to me is hilarious and a complete  Opposite to the world eaters, They’re like a troupe of two metre tall Pantomime actors that have been given serious weapons training and told how amazing and better they are than others. 

The road to perfection 

Looking at it at a more serious note, the Emperors children have been drilled into their mindset to believe that they are to achieve perfection, ironically to achieve perfection is to not be perfect as achieving  perfection means you do not gain any more than what you already have gained, for example if I was an amazing painter and has achieved every single asset, Knowledge and technique with no further learning then I have stagnated into perpetuity, to seek perfection is the death of creativity And I think that’s a very interesting character flaw that the third Legion have. They will seek to gain perfection but at the same time doing so any costs. 

Army goals 

My aim is to take my army up to 2500 points and to get them to look as great as I can make them to be, to a very high tabletop standard and with an army that is known to have a semi difficult paint scheme I want to try my very best to have a good looking army. Nothing would look worse than an army that is less than perfection (got to make the third legion live up to there standards and make Fulgrim proud) My Army currently sits unpainted But is soon to be ready with a lick of paint. I’ve gone for a very mobile jet pack heavy force with lots of sword fighting units and visually distinct. No two marine will look the same. The emperors children are the only ones who wear purple and are the only ones who can have the Aquila lore wise, so I will be adding more Aquila’s into my army at a certain point, I hope to nail down the paint scheme I’ll be using guides online as well as patron Painting tutorials from the likes of little legend studio and warp painting Studios.