I subbed to Warhammer + so you don’t have to.   In this review I will talk openly about Warhammer + as it stands on the third week ”  in this review I wont be including any screen shots of the app or video interface due to Games Workshops heavy handed IP rules and don’t wish to be shut down over a screen shot.

So….. what’s been added on the forth week on Warhammer+?  ! battle report, ! painting tutorial, 4 issues of white dwarf, 1 old age of sigmar campaign book and another episode of Angels of death.

Angels of death

The animation was great as with the others made by Richard Boylan but the story is getting really slow. The space marine characters are unlikeable and the only characters that are still interesting are the human crew, especially the female captain.

Battle report and painting tutorial.

The battle report was ok but I have to say, there are youtubers doing it better for free.

White dwarf and old campaign books.

These are ok but its only the lore side of the game. All of the old rules have been removed, so if you were interested in playing any older editions of the game you will have to turn to second hand sellers such as eBay. 


The Warhammer+ app is still very sparse. I still have hopes that one day Warhammer+ will be an app worth subscribing to.

Would I recommend people subscribe to Warhammer+?  NO is the answer. There just isn’t enough for what it costs. This app costs the same each month as Disney plus which has soooooo much more content and adds more content every week.

If you really want to watch the animations I would recommend subbing every 6 months, watch everything in a couple of days then un subscribe until another 6 months has passed.