I subbed to Warhammer + so you don’t have to.   In this review I will talk openly about Warhammer + as it stands on the third week ”  in this review I wont be including any screen shots of the app or video interface due to Games Workshops heavy handed IP rules and don’t wish to be shut down over a screen shot.

So what was added this week? 1 animation, 1 loremasters video , a few white dwarf magazines and 1 cut up campaign book. Yes again, that is all!

The animation was great as with the others made by Richard Boylan but its still not enough. Where is Astartes “which is already finished and was available to watch for free on Youtube for over a year.

The Loremaster video is ok but I’ve watched or listened to other content creators that I prefer.


The Warhammer+ app is still very sparse. I still have hopes that one day Warhammer+ will be an app worth subscribing to.

There will be one more review as a four week round up before I unsubscribe. I then plan to subscribe again at the 6 month mark to see if things have improved.