I subbed to Warhammer + so you don’t have to.   In this review I will talk openly about Warhammer + as it stands on the second week ”  in this review I wont be including any screen shots of the app or video interface due to Games Workshops heavy handed IP rules and don’t wish to be shut down over a screen shot.

So what was added this week? 1 animation, 1 battle report, 1 painting guide, a few white dwarf magazines and 1 cut up campaign book. Yes that is all!

Lets start with the Angels of blood episode 2: as always the animation and story by Richard Boylan is amazing, as with all of his previous work pre warhammer+. Sadly 1 20 minute animation doesn’t cut it. 

The battle report and painting tutorial were of high quality but nothing we haven’t already seen on YouTube. 

Its nice to have access to last years white dwarf magazines but after a very quick google search i have found hundreds of back dated scanned white dwarf magazines available for free.


So far Warhammer plus still seems a little sparse and still has many teething issues, hopefully these will be sorted in the future.

I still have high hopes for this app as Games Workshop could use this platform to really show the fans what they can produce. They could do preview videos, interview the design teams, show us what goes on in the back ground, the options are endless.

The biggest hurdle will be producing enough content that warrants the monthly charge, as I’ve said already there are thousands of high quality battle reports, painting guides and lore videos that already exist on the internet for free.

I subscribe to many other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney plus and Amazon prime which all add 20+ items each week. Games Workshop really need to step t up to show us value for money.