warhammer battle march

It has been a long and bloody year since the end of the great war, while the Emperor has claimed victory, the peace that so many heroes gave their lives for has not settled upon these lands. The hordes of chaos, though leaderless continue to taint the north lands of the Empire. Vicious warriors attack merchant caravans and raid isolated villages. The Emperors battle weary soldiers patrol the forests and hills ever vigilant against the bloodthirsty warbands intent on looting and slaughter.

There is no escape from chaos……… it marks us all. 

The Story.

There’s a big war!   no kidding that’s about as much as you are told. If you know the lore of the Warhammer world you will have some sort of idea about what’s going on but if your new to this world you will have no idea. 

Game Play.

The introductory CGI video opener is amazing, Showing some of the forces that are available to play within the game. Sadly the graphics in game are a throwback to earlier games console quality. The graphics remind me of an old PlayStation game called warhammer shadow of the horned rat.

 The controls were so complicated I had to play through the tutorials twice and as you get deeper into larger battle the controls become even more confusing. 

Unlike with many real-time strategy games, there is no resource management in Battle March. You won’t be building Villages or barracks, creating units or harvesting resources. The focus here is solely on assembling your army, taking it into battle and using it to the best of your ability. Each mission is objective-based and your mission is spelled out at the beginning of the level. 



If you’re a Warhammer fan looking for some strategy action and you have a PC, stick with the mouse and keyboard version of Warhammer: Battle March. The controls are easier! The game is slow buggy and clunky.

Would I recommend this game to anyone? Not really.