warhammer 40'000

kill team

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, squads of elite warriors stalk each other and do battle through hazardous warscapes….

Kill Team is a game of squad based combat in which every warrior counts, and each gunshot, blade swing and hurled grenade can mean the difference between great victory or ignominious defeat. Whether post human warriors or lurking xenos fiends, fanatical religious zealots or battle hardened soldiers, every kill team must fight to complete missions so vital that the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. 

Inside the box you will find:

Inside you will find a total of 22 Citadel Miniatures, 5 large ork terrain pieces and 5 rubble piles. The miniatures are nice with plenty of detail and spares on each sprue ” great for kit bashers”

The terrain sprues.

The box contains 2 books, the core rulebook and the Octarius campaign book.

The core book contains all the rules you will need to play Kill Team “using the two teams in the box”, no stats for the other races are included. Along with just over 50 pages of back story of the Warhammer 40’000 universe. 

The Octarius book contains a brief history of the warzone, the rules for the 2 kill teams as well as multiple scenario’s to play within the campaign.

Kill Team has ditched the easy to read movement stat and decided to go with a colour coded shape movement graphic, which dosnt work anywhere near as well as the Warcry card stats. 


Each shape designates a number of inches which is fine until you see stats like 2x white circle, ” why not just have an M stat like in the basic 40k game.


The choice of shapes for each stat is also a little strange. 

I myself would have gone with something like a white circle for 1″ , two overlapping circles for 2″, a triangle for 3″ and a square for 4″ etc…. using the numbers of sides on the shape to dictate the number of inches.

Kill Team works on an alternating activation, an I go you go, until all models have been activated that turn.

Each turn is separated into 3 phases. 

Initiative phase: where players decide who has initiative.

Strategy phase: where you generate and spend command points.

Fight phase: where kill team operatives shoot, fight in combat, perform special activations like setting explosives or using powerful psychic powers.

Line of sight seems a little confusing, with differing heights of what you can see over and what you cant but i guess it will become easier as more games are played.

Summery: Would I recommend this set? Yes and No. At £125 you are making a saving on the RRp, though we have no idea how much the kits will cost individually. 

The terrain is nice but I really don’t like the cardboard boards, they feel flimsy and could be made by the most novice of hobbyist with a piece of wood for a fraction of the cost.

I think a lot of players will feel left out for a while until games workshop release more books, allowing players with existing armies to play kill team.