wargames atlantic : british riflemen

The famous Riflemen of the British army fought from Spain to the final shots of La Haye Sainte on the field of Waterloo. Fighting in pairs and able to accurately aim and fire up to two shots per minute, Wellington’s Rifles were an instrumental factor in Napoleon’s defeat.




This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 Riflemen equipped with their famous Baker rifles and even an option to do a volley gun! You will be able to model the figures advancing, firing, loading, and with a variety of heads including bare and bandana-wearing for more variety.

The kit comes with some excellent faces some of whom may have appeared in a certain ITV series.
Ten different heads for four bodies gives you some variety.

This is a great plastic kit, retailing at £25 for 32 miniatures it’s a steal. The miniatures have lots of detail, but the kit still has some negatives. The kit comes with 8 sprues that are all the same, so you will have to do plenty of converting if you want them all to look different.