the cat game

The Hair raising drawing game ” with cats”

The Cat Game is a simple but fun drawing game for all ages “think pictionary but with cats”.

RRP. £5.00


18 cat silhouettes, 2 drawing tabby-lets, 2 dry erase markers and 150 cards.

Aim of the game

Each player takes turns picking a card, each card has 3 categories Flicks “movie” puursions “person” and cat-tivities “activities”. The players then take it in turns drawing one of the categories on the card, at least 1 cat silhouette must be used. The other players have to guess the answer. if you guess correct you win the card. First to 5 cards wins.


Darren : Its a very easy and fun game that can be played with the family or with some friends while having a few drinks.

Becca : Sometimes having to use the cats can make it harder when drawing the cards ” especially if your not artistically gifted”. Its worth picking up if you see it for a few hours of fun, it costs less than a coffee from the high-street. The game is fun but has limited replay value.