old dominion : kheres

Those cultists who lack the ambition or brilliance required to reach unlife on their own terms are granted one final chance to become one with their Lord. In the final hours of their life they climb onto a bonfire lit with the unholy flames of the Pyre. Kheres are the animated charred remains of those who manage not to go insane, the Moroi are not so lucky…

Box Contents

●    Dual Kit. Contains 12 Plastic Miniatures (Kheres/Moroi, with the option of making their respective command models)
●    3 Infantry Plastic Stands
●    12 Bases
●    2 Command Cards

This kit can be build as either Kheres or Moroi i went with the Kheres option.

These are really nice detailed models but i have to say they are definitely designed for the more skilled and patient hobbyists. They have between 8 and 11 pieces per miniature that can be very fiddly and top heavy.

But once built they look amazing and creepy.


The set retails for £35 which is becoming the standard for many miniatures companies now, so that drops a star and they are also a pain to rank up. I really think Parabellum should have gone with larger bases or movement trays, so i dropped another star.


Overall i think this is a nice kit and any Old Dominion player will have plenty of them.