old dominion : dark cenotaph

Throughout the history of the Old Dominion, each Legion had a separate interment site where all the recovered bodies of its fallen Legionnaires and officers were buried. Crowning each of these spartan necropolises was a Cenotaph, a memorial to those who fell but were not recovered. A locus for the enduring pride of the Legion, any foe fighting under its dark power knows he faces not only the relentless dead in front of him, but the combined will of those countless Legionnaires whose bodies were not recovered.


  • 1x Dark Cenotaph (Command Upgrade)
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Stand

The miniature is cast using some of the nicest resin I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with ” Forge world take note”. 

Its a solid chunk of resin and has some weight and the details are cast flawlessly.

Its a lovely cast and has some amazing detail. The miniature has an RRP of £25.99 which is on the higher side “think GW prices” so i have to drop a star due to the high cost.