old dominion : bone golems

In their quest for knowledge the Dark Creed uncovered many secrets best left alone. prime among them was the fact that the very stones of Capitas were soaked with so much death and so much of Hazlia’s essence during the Fall that all they need to heed their master’s call to murder the living was a simple motivating consciousness… These massive constructs wreak havoc on the battlefield, their massive forms soaking unbelievable levels of damage as their massive limbs scythe through enemy formations.

Box Contents

●    3 Plastic Miniatures
●    3 Brute Plastic Stands
●    3 Brute Bases
●    1 Command Card

This kit goes together like a dream, it was so easy to build that you don’t even need the instructions that are included within the box.

The miniatures are a lot bigger than they look on the box ” that is a 55mm base!”.

This set has a RRP of £52 which is a little steep but you are getting 3 miniatures in the box that are bigger than a contemptor dreadnought.

This kit is a must for any old dominion players.