Old Dominion: Army Support Pack Wave 4

This Old Dominion Army Support Pack set includes new Command Cards, Secret Objective Cards as well as all new, individually illustrated, Spell and Incantation Cards as available to the casters of each faction to serve as memory aids, plus special TLAOK and First Blood Scenario cards uniquely used in each game play style. All of these cards are contained within a beautifully illustrated Old Dominion themed deck box to allow players to keep all of the cards needed to play Conquest in a single, easy to access container.

Box Contents

  • 10 Spell Cards
  • 14 Command Cards
  • 10 Objective Cards
  • 12 Incantation Cards
  • 12 The Last Argument of Kings Scenario Cards
  • 12 First Blood Scenario Cards
  • 1 Old Dominion Deck Box

This set is a must have for any Old Dominion player. This set of cards retails at £23 which sounds a lot for a set of cards but these act as the bible for this army.

Think of this as your codex “if youve played 40k you know what i mean” but these cards are so much better. Parabellum have decided to place QR codes on each of the unit cards and spell cards , which means these cards will never be made redundant by rules changes. just scan the code on the card and it will take you directly to the website with all the up to date rules. So theres no need to replace them every couple of years like you have to with other companies games “cough GW cough”.

This set also includes all the objective cards for the old dominion and game scenarios for conquest and first blood,