middle earth battle strategy game

battle of pelennor fields

As the sun begins to rise upon the fields of Pelennor, the great siege of Minas Tirith is all but lost… Yet hope has not faded and help is close at hand. Through the crisp morning air, the sound of horns can be heard ringing out, signalling the arrival of King Théoden and the Riders of Rohan. With the hosts of Mordor arrayed in their thousands, Théoden gives an impassioned speech and leads his men into the fray, riding for ruin and the world’s ending!

Prepare to enter the amazing world of Middle-earth, and recreate the greatest battles and adventures from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Inside the box you will find:

Inside you will find a total of 84 Citadel Miniatures. The miniatures are nice with plenty of detail which is amazing considering some of the sprues in this box are nearly 20 years old. These miniatures show how talented the Perry twins are. There are plenty of spares on the character and troll sprues ” great for kit bashers”.

The box contains 2 books, the core rulebook and the Pelennor Fields campaign book.

The core book contains all the rules you will need to play the Middle Earth Strategy Battles Game. Along with back story of the Middle Earth universe, Galleries of the armies and sample army lists that belong to the studio team.

The Pelennor Fields book contains a brief history of the Battles within Gondor,  as well as multiple scenario’s to play within the campaign.

The core book is printed with a nice glossy finish and presented in its full hard back version.

Summery: Would I recommend this set? Yes. At £95 you are making a massive saving on the £236 RRp of the individual miniatures..

You get the full hard back rule book which cost £30 on its own.

This is a great set if you want to get into the Middle Earth Strategy Battles Game, giving you options to start 2 large forces or multiple smaller forces.

Its also a great set for existing players.