Kraken fantasy stadium fans

KRAKEN 3D STUDIOS is a creation studio focused on the prototyping and creation of toys, figures, and scenery for board games by creating STL files that can be 3D printed.




Kraken have a large selection of fantasy football fans, as well as entire stadiums on the website. 

The designs are nice and have an exaggerated features style “a bit like pathfinder”.

The files come with the option of support less or pre supported. The pre supports printed perfectly with no visible support marks.

They are advertised as 28mm but feel a bit larger, closer to the GW 32mm.

The miniatures are priced a little high in my opinion, on average each pack costs around 5 euros and contains 3 to 5 stl files. This might not seem too bad but if you want to buy all of the packs for a large varied crowed its going to cost a pretty penny.

The sculps themselves are very nice and print with ease. 

If your in the market for some blood bowl fans check out Kraken.

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