Geek gaming: base ready mars earth

Glue it.  Dip it.  Grass it.  Done it.

Is a very straight forward tag line associated with Geek Gaming Scenics Base Ready products.

Geek Gaming Scenics Base Ready  is designed to get your miniatures based and on the table not only fast as possible but also as stylish as possible. Geek Gaming has a massive range of basing packs ranging from urban rubble to marsh lands. Today we are taking a look at Geek Gaming Mars Earth.

The Mars Earth comes in bags “roughly 200g” of basing material for £6.99, which to some could seem a little steep but the Base Ready mix is designed to be glued directly to the base from 1 bag, no need for other basing products to be added or mixed in, which can save you money in the long run.

The Mars Earth has a nice mix of textures from fine sand, small rocks to red pigments. The product is very easy to use, as simple as the tagline states. Just brush on a little glue to the base, dip it in the mix, then your done. You can add some grass tufts if you wish but that is it, your base is finished.

Summery:  The Geek Gaming Base Ready Mars Earth was perfect for my needs. I had been looking at was to create mars bases for a while and had tried many products but couldn’t find one that I was happy with. The 200g bags sound a bit small but really go a long way, I’ve already based over 70 miniatures and I’m not even half way through the pack.

If your after something to create that famous red earth of mars, I would highly recommend this product.