games workshops Citadel STC brushes

From the Games Workshop website.

As a Citadel STC brush, the bristles have been made out of the finest 100% synthetic fibres Games Workshop have ever produced, helping to maintain the ideal brush shape and prevent curling at the tip. This brush has been carefully designed to paint the finest miniature details. It’s an excellent companion to regular Citadel brushes, and designed to work perfectly with the Citadel Colour paint range

Look and feel:

The new brushes have a nice clean white finish ” as if apple made paint brushes”. The bristles are soft and hold their shape well with a nice flex.

I sat down and got myself comfortable for a marathon test paint session. I set up my work space as normal with 4 pots for cleaning brushes, the first is soapy water, second water, third isopropanol alcohol and the forth plain water. this is the process that I clean all of my brushes.

Hour 2: all is going well, the bristles are holding their point.

Hour 4: the bristles are starting to show signs of splaying.

Hour 8: the bristles have began to splay and the brush refuses to hold a point longer than a few seconds.

Throughout this proces the dry brushes have held up nicely and i will probably add them to my standard brush rotation. 


Ranging from £3-85 to £6.75 they are cheaper than other Games Workshop brushes. Sadly I wouldn’t recommend these brushes to high work load painters, the dry brushes are ok though which saves the total score of this product. 

If your after synthetic brushes you can find better and cheaper brushes in art supply stores.