fanath blood bowl fans

Fanath are a miniatures company based in Spain that create physical miniatures as well as STL files.

Fanath have a large selection of fantasy football fans, as well as stands on the website. 

The designs are really nice and have a classic warhammer fantasy vibe.


The fans can be purchased as a giant stl bundle or in two smaller bundles. The large file contains a massive 61 fans including……

10 halfling, 3 minotaur, 1 big demon, 2 troll, 3 goblin, 2 Bretonnian lady, 4 elf, 4 beastmen, 4 orc, 2 human, 3 human girl, 2 zombie, 2 dwarf girl, 2 dwarf, 2 chaos dwarf, 2 dark elf, 2 witch elf, 2 ogre, 2 skink, 2 frogs, 2 ratmen,2 amazon, 1 wood elf girl.

The set also includes some scatter props…….1 rat-pizza,2 pop-khorn,1 mug.

The files come with the option of support less or pre supported. The pre supports printed perfectly with no visible support marks.

The miniatures match up with the classic GW 28mm scale and have enough detail to paint up nicely without being overly complicated.

The miniatures are priced perfectly at around £25 for the large set its a steal.

The sculps themselves are very nice and print with ease. 

If your in the market for some blood bowl fans check out Fanath.