death korps of krieg

Death Korps of Krieg is a short fan made animation created by Sodaz, a link to the channel will be at the bottom of the page.

The video starts with a Dark angels Space Marine, leading a column of Cadian Leman Russ battle tanks and shock troopers moving out under the watchful eye of some Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders.

The Cadians then come under fire from a mob of cultists led by some Chaos Space Marines. The Chaos forces quickly gaining the upper hand. Just as you are about to see the execution of one of the Dark Angels the ground begins to shake. Enter the Death Riders.

The next scene shows a regiment of Krieg infantry charging a trench line while under heavy fire from Chaos forces. Just before the Krieg reach the trench a volley of shells from the Krieg heavy guns rain down fire into the trenches.

This leads onto scenes of close quarter fighting in the trenches.

Cut to Krieg infantry and a Dark Angel running into the tunnel systems. Fighting to gain ground with cultists.

The final scene introduces a Khorne Berserker slowly striding through cultists before picking up speed, bursting through a wall the butcher the Krieg infantry. When all seems lost a mortally wounded Krieg soldier looks into the eyes of the Berserker and detonates a cluster of grenades.


This is a nice short story with  good animation, better than anything Games Workshop has officially released, Though not up to the level of Astartes. 

The stand out moment for me was watching Death Korpes of Krieg killing cultists with trench shovels!

update 25.08.21

Since this review Games Workshop have updated their IP and have forced Sodaz to remove any Warhammer related videos from the internet, which is a huge blow for the hobby community.