Star wars legion : phase 1 clone troopers

The Star Wars Legion Phase 1 Clone Troopers unit expansion contains a full unit of Clone Troopers to add to your Republic forces.

The box contains 7 multi part miniatures, a unit card, equipment cards and a collection of tokens that allow you to use this unit in the game.

The box contains 7 individually packaged soft plastic Clone Troopers with enough parts to make 1 Clone Trooper Captain, 1 DC-15 Phase Trooper “long rifle”, 1 Z-6 Phase Trooper “chain gun” and 4 basic Clone Troopers.

This box set retails for £25 which is a very good price for a box that contains everything you need to use this unit in your games. Especially when other companies are charging the same for 1 plastic miniature. 

This is a great expansion box for anyone wanting to add more troops to their Republic armies. my only negative views on this set are the material and poses. The soft plastic just doesn’t have as much detail as the hard plastic and the miniatures can only be built in one way, which can be an issue if you want to field multiple Phase 1 Clone Trooper units.